All Change

Alexandra Hayes

Well here we are. A new year (I'm only a couple of weeks late), a new website and a new job – well sort of. Actually the same job I've been doing for a while but now with a much more specific focus on working with charities and non-profits and ethical, sustainable, social organisations… basically people that do nice things for other people/animals/the world/the universe. I think you get the idea. 

So what's happening to my old life? Well is very much still alive and kicking. It will always be my business baby and a really exciting adventure that Matthew (co-owner and friend) and I set out on together. I couldn't just walk away and nor would I want to. So, for now Matthew runs the day-today side of things supported by a great team and I remain a director, designer, dabbler and interferererer but on a part-time basis. What do I miss the most so far? Cake Mondays. Definitely cake Mondays. 

I've never had a blog before so I'm not sure what sort of stuff will end up on here but I'm guessing a mixture of work and play. Definitely some food talk and definitely some photos of my assistant Ellie (Miss Ellie-Bean Hayes the Lurcher) and probably a random mix of design, maps, data visualisation, food, green living and of course more dogs. Enjoy :-)