Leafline Postcards

Design, MeAlexandra Hayes

Here's a project I did a while ago – loosely based on something I did for my MA but I've played with it a bit since. It's a set of postcards with designs based on the natural colour pigments extracted from green leaves and vegetables using paper chromatography. Different pigment molecules react at different speeds to the proess of dissolving in alcohol and being absorbed onto paper. A colourful striped effect is created that shows the variety of different pigments present in each type of leaf or vegetable.

I love them because not only are they individually lovely cards that would brighten someones day in the post but they also make a nice framed collection that appeals to geeks like me that love collecting things in sets.

I'm thinking about doing a set of seasons – maybe with flowers or trees or seasonal veg.  Wouldn't that make a great promotional project for a garden or conservation charity or even organic veg suppliers? Email me if you'd be interested in a collaboration.