Clothes Recycling

Me, GoodAlexandra HayesComment

Last weekend I ruthlessly sorted through my wardrobes, drawers and long forgotten boxes in the loft and accumulated a fairly large pile of clothes, shoes and bags that although in a perfectly good and wearable condition I knew I would never wear again. This is all part of 'The Great Clear Out' ahead of (fingers-crossed) moving house in a few weeks. So what to do with it all? It seemed to me I had 3 options:
1) Spend the day in a local carpark trying to flog my gear for tuppence in the English wind and rain at a Car Boot Sale.
2) Give it to charity
3) Sling it in a textile recycling bank
And then I googled and found Sussex Textile Recyling. Genius. I phoned and booked a collection time and t
hey just came and took it all away! They collected it all for free and even better – they paid us 50p per kilo! 

Once the clothes are collected they are cleaned, sorted, packed and then sent to Eastern Europe and Africa to be reused. Not only does this reduce the amount of perfectly usable but unwanted clothes ending up in UK landfill but it benefits people in need around the world. I used a company local to me but I know there are lots of others offering similar services. I think it's a great idea and would highly recommend it – go on have a clear out, make a few quid and do something good at the same time :-)